Monday, September 15, 2008

I guess we are frightened enough this year

I see that no terrorism has occurred again, this 7th anniversary of 911.

That's very reassuring. It must be that we are winning the war on Terra.

It could also be that those who truly orchestrated and carried out this dastardly deed know better than to try anything like that again, any time soon. They have instilled enough fear in us to soon declare martial law. Probably right after a certain candidate wins or loses. Either way a certain element of the populace will riot, and that would be a perfect excuse to lock us down.

It is unfortunate that we have a system in place which allows criminals to occupy the highest positions of power and control in the land. It is also our very own damn fault for allowing it to happen in the first place. Now our nation is on the verge of collapse and those responsible for it plan to sieze even more power when it finally and inevitably implodes.

The question now is not whether or not anything can prevent it. It's far too gone to save.
No, the important question now is, what can we European-Americans, do to survive the coming conflict, right here on our own soil. That too is unavoidable. The descendants of those who did not create, nor contribute in any way to this nation, the parasites, are the ones who will wage war aginst us.

When the money won't by food anymore, which will be sooner than we hope, will you have enough ammunition to protect what little food you have left from mobs of rioting ghetto savages? Hopefull we European-Americans will finally come to our collective senses, and be able to band together in large numbers again, finally free of these parasites, and defend what's left of our rapidly disappearing genetic pool. It is either that or our own certain extinction. There are rough times coming for our people, and nobody in their right mind would disagree with that.

The parasites are the ones soley and wholly responsible for all of our troubles. While they remain in power over us, expect things to get steadily worse, and follow that to its logical conclusion.

Meanwhile keep your powder dry and stock up on canned foods.

God help us all.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

For the last several decades, the pre-planned steady decline, and ultimate destruction of western civilization, and more importantly, the controlled genocide of White Europeans, has begun to take its toll upon the remaining descendants of the White founders of America.

Through government forced integration, between White people and those not White, our once prosperous and mighty super power, has been brought to its knees.

The land, liberty and prosperous, happy lives that our forefathers had planned out for us, fought for, and died for, for us, is itself dying a slow, agonizing death, at the hands of a vicious, hostile parasite, bent on world domination. Our birthrights have been stolen from us by a band of desert cut throats who our founders had once banned from ever stepping foot here, under penalty of death, and with good reason.

These cut throats are now in control of our entire government, military, media, entertainment, art, music and yes, most assuredly, our education system.

The millions upon millions of well documented examples of overwhelming black on White hate crimes, like the rape and murder of our women and children, which cannot be explained away with sorry excuses like negro poverty due to White oppression, and the perpetual and total media silence about it, is is but one of a convoluted and disturbingly omnipresent mass of social ills, foisted upon us by a foreign enemy, posing as our most trusted ally.

This systematic breakdown of society and the loss of our will to fight back against it, has also been forced upon us by alien outsiders, non-Whites, and worse, through our one and only weakness:
Compassion for other (lesser) races.

A trait found exclusively amongst White people, who as a long term result of fighting for the rights of, and then being abused by, these racial groups, now have no group identity of their own at all. Neither do they have any physical, moral or legal defence against whatever racial attacks from non-Whites may be directed at them, such as every other social group out there does.

It is also because of our compassion for these outsiders that Whites are now the only ones capable of "hate", according to the cut throats who control the media along with public opinion because of its far reaching influence.

From the family wrecking feminist movement, to the hijacked government's policy of blacks and browns being forced into White neighborhoods and schools, to disgusting and primitive, disease ridden and criminal invaders from south of the border flooding in by the millions to crap all over our lettuce, and everything else that's wrong in between, these parasitic nation wreckers are who, and what is behind all these ills that have ultimately destroyed us.

As they have destroyed so many other civilizations in the past, for thousands of years.